Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

LAST DAYS for the declaration of Cryptocurrency 2019

The deadline is June 25th!

If you have operated with crypto-currencies in fiscal year 2019 you need to know that the Tax Office requires the presentation of the Declaration to the taxpayers who have operated with virtual currencies. In 2019 the Tax Office notified in writing to more than 14,000 taxpayers the obligation to declare in the Income Tax the gains for the operations with cryptocurrency.

You still have time to declare your operations with crypto-currencies. We are legal and fiscal experts in Blockchain and in operations and investments with crypto-currencies.

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Legal and commercial Blockchain counseling

Distributed accounting technologies, including Blockchain, will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the way companies in all sectors operate. As with any other disruptive technology, Blockchain presents enormous opportunities, but can also raise legal, regulatory and commercial challenges.

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Vicente Ortiz&Co helps start-ups in the process of creating an Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) easily and safely. The sign is in a unique position to advise clients in relation with policies, regulations, litigation, compliance and investigations, privacy and data security, consumer protection and transactional issues related to Blockchain distributed accounting technology.

On the other hand, we guide investors so that their investment is well protected since we have relationships with them in tokens and equity.

What do we offer you?

Vicente Ortiz&Co advises all types of clients concerning a wide range of legal and commercial matters in the cross-section of technological innovation and regulation, including Blockchain and Security Token Offering in relation with:

The company's constitution that complies with the regulatory framework

Implementation of Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering mechanisms

Terms and conditions related to the project

Crypto-accounting and specialized tax advice

Contract drafting

Whitepapers drafting

Legal and fiscal issues related to mining activity


Accompaniment in Initial Coin Offerings / IEO and compliance with current regulations

Project Management of projects based on Blockchain technology

We can offer our clients an exceptional insight while navigating oncomplex regulatory policies, legal and litigation related to the adoption of disruptive technologies.

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