Artículo Comprar Inmuebles en España

How to buy a property in Spain?

Spain has become a very interesting destination for foreigners. The number of foreigners that buy a property in Spain has increase during last years. If we focus attention to the country of origin, French, German, Russian and Italian are the main people who buy properties in our country. Nevertheless, to buy a property in Spain […]

Artículo Golden Visa

Golden Visa: living in Spain through investment

  Since getting into force of the Law of entrepreneurs the possibilities of living in Spain for foreigners have changed. Those who are planning to emmigrate to Spain can do it if they have one or more of these reasons. They are going to invest in Spain. They are going to start a business They […]

Tokenomics Spain #1

Málaga hosted the first Tokenomics Spain event on May 30 at the Polo Digital, gathering local video game companies, companies that have launched a ICO with success and privates investors. RAPPORTEURS Arker Labs We could count on Arker Labs, one of the pioneering video game studies in Spain on the ICO financing. Arker, the first […]


Vicente Ortiz was at the International Blockchain Tropical Coast Congress , one of the biggest parties of informatics focused on the Blockchain world and the economy future, as well as the citizens relationship whit it; in addition to dealing with various cultural aspects that accompany the Bitcoin ecosystem, offering an interesting exhibition about how will the Blockchain […]