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In Vicente Ortiz Abogados and Vicente Ortiz&Co we have a judicial counseling team experts in Blockchain, ready to help you solve any problem you may have. Among them, you will find the following professionals:

Vicente Ortiz Álvarez (Miniatura)

Vicente Ortiz Álvarez

He was the founder of the firm in 1986. He has been present in essential operations that have been held on Costa del Sol. Within his specialties is the Civil and Commercial Law, having also acted in Criminal and Procedural Law.

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Vicente Ortiz Alonso (Miniatura)

Vicente Ortiz Alonso

He joined the office in 2001. In 2003 he became head of the Department of Real Estate and Urban Planning. Since 2010, he has also been the head of the New Technologies department. His practice is focused on Investments, Business Angels, risk capital, Internet Law, Social Networks, online marketing, telecommunications, Computer Law, Video games Law. He combines his work as a lawyer with the project manager, consultant, and investor in disruptive and innovative projects. Currently involved in the blockchain ecosystem in its different aspects.

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Juan Alberto Ortiz Gil (Miniatura)

Juan Alberto Ortiz Gil

He entered the firm in 2004. During this period he has developed a multidisciplinary activity, which today allows him a broad knowledge of Law, currently focusing on procedural discipline, within the civil and criminal sphere, as well as in counseling that this entails.

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María Jesús Gil Toresano Cuevas (Miniatura)

María Jesús Gil-Toresano Cuevas

Secretary of management/translator. She joined the firm in 1988. Her extensive experience and knowledge of languages allow us to offer our clients personalized service, an accurate understanding of their needs and the correct processing of their matters.

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Miguel Raigón

Miguel Ángel Raigón Carmona

Marketing and Business specialist with a strong technological background. More than 10 years of professional experience in different Digital and Business Development roles around Spain, United Kingdom and Malta.

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Raides Rodríguez

Raides Rodríguez

More than 20 years of experience as a computer programmer.
He is currently focused as an expert on Blockchain and DLT.

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Carlos Zehr

Carlos Zehr Torres

Entrepreneur by nature and passionate about the digital ecosystem. Digital Marketing specialist and Consulting for Startups with extensive experience in the development of digital products. Throughout his professional career he has developed his Marketing and Sales skills in companies such as BBVA and Versace. On the other hand, it is submerged in the startup ecosystem, having created its first startup in the "Crypto" sector in 2016, to date offering consulting services and support in product development for different startups and accelerators, and today CEO founder of Synapsebot (hyperlink).

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Jose Luis Molina

His specialty is the legal advice of companies, both in its purely commercial aspect (Hiring, Corporate Law, Stock Market and Council Secretariat), as industrial and intellectual property, data protection, or tax and labor implications. In addition, during his professional career he has gained experience in other areas such as real estate law or banking law. Passionate about the digital world and disruptive technologies, he is currently immersed in advising innovative companies with a technological profile.

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