Tokenomics Spain #1

Málaga hosted the first Tokenomics Spain event on May 30 at the Polo Digital, gathering local video game companies, companies that have launched a ICO with success and privates investors.


Arker Labs

We could count on Arker Labs, one of the pioneering video game studies in Spain on the ICO financing.
Arker, the first online RPG video game  that rewards the user with their own cryptocurrency, was introduced to the public for the first time.


Globatalent is a blockchain decentralized where the fans can invest directly in their favorite sportsmen.

The platform gives the talented the chance that they deserve, a place that normally is accesible to only a few privileged, prioritizing image rights and comercial strategies over the quality of the sportsman.

Sunil Bhardwaj, CEO of Globatalent, introduced us the platform and told us about his experience managing this international launch.

Our rapporteurs gave us tips to carry out a successful ICO financing campaign. They shared with us their experience in a personal way, tackling not only technical issues but also the promotion of ICO.


Vicente Ortiz (Lawyer and Investor. Blockchain and new technologies specialist)

Miguel Raigón (Marketing, Financing and Blockchain specialist)


– Opportunities of the Blockchain technology for video games.

– Project financing through an ICO.

– Virtual Economizes: Micropayments and reward systems with tokens and cryptoassets.