Soft Landing Services for Investors in Spain by VicenteOrtiz Lawyers

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Local experts for establishing a holding company

We help with Golden Visa, NIE number, Taxes, VAT, RealState

Get the right help to smoothly land your business in Spain.

We will assist you in every aspect to set up your business, and get up and running in no time.
Identifying and assessing new suppliers, and subcontractors, matching your needs in a different corporate culture, can be a daunting task.

Let us do that for you, we already have the right professional team, and a network of trusted service providers including:

  • Recruitment agencies
  • Marketing, advertising and PR
  • Relocation services
  • Offices and working space providers
  • Administration services

Why using our services?

Starting a company in Spain can be a bit confusing for foreign businesses, especially in terms of dealing with different local, regional, and national administrations, plus
different government agencies.

With the right help, this is a smooth process, and you will be enjoying many benefits by dealing with a single organization.

Benefits of using our services when establising the holding company

Time is money! We will be dealing with all the parts involved, and We will report straight to you,so you save precious time, but you still follow up the whole process as it happens. We have access to some very interesting prices from our local providers, which are unachievable by unknown companies. Thus, your company will be saving
hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Your Soft landing will be under controlled, and legally compliant, from day one. Do not get tangled in a bureaucratic mesh which would delay the whole process, and it could even end up with fines. Our company guarantees you the

We are familiar with the Spanish market, because we operate in it! We have a complete network of local, and international partners, plus resources in many industries, to boost up your landing, and easily connect with the local environment.

At Vicente Ortiz & Co we have our own real estate division, so we can easily find a physical location for your company anywhere in Spain. You will have many options, and you will enjoy great savings in rental prices.

We will handle all the project management, and human resources, associated with the soft landing of your company. We can hire a local team, handle recruitment, negotiations, and training. Your company will save time, and focus on the overall strategy.

Our soft landing services include Spanish visa processing, and full business registration. These are processes where you cannot avoid subcontracting local professionals. Get them at
discount rates with our full soft landing tailored programs.


  • National and Regional Incentives
  • Corporate Taxes
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Bank Account Opening
  • NIE and NIF numbers
  • Legal Structures

Our commercial law division will help you achieving the most tax friendly scheme for your needs. We will assist you with all the formalities involved in setting up and
running a new business in Spain. Let us do the hard work dealing with tax authorities and government agencies.

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